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Official petition to overturn Romero/Whittaker decision


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I'm one of Yoel's biggest supporters here and i'd say nah. 


if you ask me who won just looking at it as a whole fight i'd say Yoel landed more significant blows, did more damage, went for the kill more, pushed the pace more without regard for gassing & had Whitagoat in way more trouble numerous times more than Rob did Yoel. 


Under the scoring by rds points system at the very best Yoel got a draw and tbh that's a little iffy. Rob did out point him in fairness

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No thanks. I was surprised when they announced the winner, since I (like most) saw the fight 47-47. I thought maybe they'd give Romero a 47-46 win, but I think Rob did more than enough to keep round 3 from being a 10-8.


But, it is what it is. Whittaker got a gift and it will go down as a win in the record books. In a sport that's riddled with terrible judging, this isn't the worst we've ever seen and it certainly won't be the last controversial decision.


Time to move on.

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What are we talking here? Sister? Brother? Mom? Dad? Cousin? Talk to me

I'm not going to lie. I don't really have the credentials. But if I had a sister I would be a card-carrying member of deepest southern society secrets and family traditions. But I have a right to dream, man.

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