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Covington coming for the Bisping **** belt


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Did Anik really come out and try and white knight Coly after this lol its almost as if he didn't understand the nature of social media.


Jon Anik


Was disgraceful. It’s Colby’s night and moment. Pretty stunning that they’d allow an analyst to steal his shine.


1:46 AM - Jun 11, 2018

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I ****ing hate John Anik, he has no clue when commentating and he trys to talk **** like he wouldnt get murdered by an Atomweight woman. Also, Bisping clearly ruined Colby here, Colby talks a load of **** when he has time to prepare, but he was left looking like a **** in the exchange 

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i look forward to seeing Michael "Hands of Steel" Bisping getting inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame.


That will put Bisping standing beside the likes of Hendo and GSP.  Actually, that will put the likes of Hendo and GSP standing above Bisping, while a referee and a doctor tries to wake him up.

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