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“Where you at, Eddie! Where you at, MF’er!”


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Let me get this straight.  


Nate is going to fight Eddie and then take the belt from someone who no longer holds the belt?  


And what "facts" is Nate dropping in that video?  He literally doesn't say a word in that crappy video made with a potato.  

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I don't get it, did Nate call out Eddie? I donot wanna see this fight atall

Idk bruh. He posted this at 2am when I got the noti.

Who you think Nate should fight at LW?


Khabib, Conor and Ferguson fighting each other

Poirier and Alvarez makes no sense since Diamond slept him and Eddie’s steroid reserve tank kicked in and cheated.

I forgot who Gaethje is fighting but he booked.

Who else at 55? Barboza? Need help. Moon rocks too stronk.

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