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UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Edwards - Official Discussion Thread


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8:00a ET

Donald Cerrone vs. Leon Edwards
Tyson Pedro vs. Ovince Saint Preux
Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Jessica Eye
Daichi Abe vs. Li Jingliang



4:30p ET

Teruto Ishihara vs. Petr Yan
Felipe Arantes vs. Song Yadong
Rolando Dy vs. Shane Young
Hector Aldana vs. Song Kenan
Shinsho Anzai vs. Jake Matthews
Viviane Pereira vs. Yan Xiaonan
Naoki Inoue vs. Matt Schnell
Jenel Lausa vs. Ulka Sasaki
Melinda Fabian vs. Ji Yeon Kim

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Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Jessica Eye

I love watching Jessica Eye get beat up in UFC.


I should have stated this in that particular fight.




We all have them fighters we tune into just to watch get beat up. She is one for me.

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Schnelll coming to singapore from honeymoon caribbean cruise, chinny + 9 mos inactivity, ATT .... watch his last,

Inoue .. -190 fav, volume puncher, no power, .. undefeated - 2nd fight ufc, 1yr layoff ..  leaning Inoue


watched Yan's fights = beast


Song will never fight in USA, passport issues due to lying about age > fight One Championship, fought @ 15yrs of age,

Arantes sucks, has habit of moving straight back ... Yadong should whistle @ +105 dawg, odds will flip -


problem fights = OSP/ Pedro .. and JRC vs Eye .. coin flips for me,

-guarranteed St.Preux screws me either way, win or lose ...

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If You have Fight Pass, look up Song Yadong's first fight. Very similar to Doo Ho Choi. Maybe better movement.

I'm a can so i don't have fight pass but i'll keep an eye out for him and maybe i can find one of his fights online somewhere else. I like Choi's style. Koreans tend to have heavy hands. 


Would like to see some Asians do well in UFC for once. Would love to see Saenchai compete in MMA. Supposedly he was working with Tri-star and was gonna make his MMA debut but i haven't heard any news on that in a while. 


Some of the Thais starting to transition into MMA in other orgs like One Championship are pretty fun to watch even under limited rule sets.


Yod being one of them. 

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Don't know if you've seen Dejdamrong fight in One Championship but check him out if you haven't.






he's fking sick. The hellbows in MT are unreal. I've done a few week and two week training visits to thailand and the way they make you train those kicks is brootal.

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It's been some time since I've ventured into a Fight Night Thread, so salutations to all involved here


I literally bought FightPass for a month just because Donald Cerrone is my boy and I want to see him put the whoopin' on this Brit.

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