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Lol Justin Gaethje might actually get retired by James Vick


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’m so much better than James Vick. It sucks to say it, but if I was to go out there and get outclassed by James Vick, I’d have to hang them up,” Gaethje said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show on ESPN (transcript via MMA Mania). “He’s not good, he’s slow,” he added. “I’m talking if I go out and get outclassed. If he outclasses me and beats me in every aspect of this game, then yeah, something is not good.

“I’m not saying, I don’t know, you know how this game works and we fly high on emotions,” he continued. “Everything you get from us is coming from an emotional aspect. Like I said, if I was to run into a knee and get knocked out, no that’s not what, if he outclasses me then I would be so disappointed in myself.”


James is currently on a 4 fight win streak, and is a 6"3 LW, I could see this going horrible wrong for Gaethje. Chances are he won't lose to Vick, but to see Gaethje get retired would be hilarious 


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Alvarez had a softball on his face when he landed that lucky knee.


Poirier could barely walk after the fight with Gaethje. Same with Johnson..


Yeah, I'm sure James Vick will have no issue with his chicken legs and chitty jaw. Very sound logic.

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Yeah, how could he overlook the great James Vick, who was knocked the **** out by Dariush?? Beneil throws them hands, so I cannot understand why Gaethje thinks he could emulate such a feat. He couldn't possibly immobilize Vick with legs kicks, and then knock his head off the tee....

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Something about Vick has always made me think of him as one of those guys who's good but I don't know if I ever see him being great.


I compare him to the likes of Jouban.


I think Gaethje get's a much needed win here by TKO in round 2.

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This is trying too hard.


Styles make fights bro.  Kevin is chinny and the drastic weight cut doesn't help.  If a 40 year old BJJ blackbelt that never knocked anyone out with his hands can pull it off it's reasonable to say Justin Gaethje could knock him out as well.


Kevin can finally face that wrestler that Soup has been calling for.

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The only notable lightweight that he could beat is Kevin Lee.  Keep it standing with his wrestling and Kevin is garbage on the feet while also lacking the power to put this inbred retard away.


Kevin stood with the greatest LW striker of all times and won

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