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Darren Till claims that Colby Covington is ‘out’, tells Tyron Woodley to ‘Accept the fight’


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Just when we think that the welterweight division has a clear path to move forward on top the title scene, a wrench potentially could have been thrown in the mix.


It appears that rising divisional contender Darren Till might know something we don’t as he hinted early today that Covington is “out” and went on to tell the champion to accept a fight.


Till: Accept the fight mate @TWooodley


Woodley: What fight? Ain’t nobody offer me ****. Thought Qweefington was getting smashed next. Y’all challenger need to coordinate y’all **** whipping better!


Till: Colby out son, it’s me & you now. Accept the fight!!


Woodley: Bahahahhahaha this is a **** show.


While it’s all pure speculation at the moment, it certainly would be very interesting if what Till is saying is true.


Currently ranked No. 2 in the rankings behind Covington, he would be a logical next choice to fight for the title although he missed weight in his last outing.


Woodley is also looking to return soon and the UFC is in need of booking their upcoming pay-per-views following UFC 227.


If Colby is out do you want to see Woodley vs. Till in the meantime?

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Let them bang bro.

I'm past caring about who's most deserving...that way lies disappointment.


Woodley's been in some undeniably dull title fights, but he's not a perenially boring fighter.  Woodley v Till is much more likely to be an exciting fight IMO than Woodley v Colby.  Both are much more exciting than no fight....I want to see Tyron back in the cage.

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so colby is hurt, and tyron would rather keep sitting on the couch doing nothing for years.  so  now is the perfect time for the ufc to announce CM Punk vs The Green Power Ranger for the interim-interim welterweight title


god this division is a joke. no wonder why GSP got bored and abandoned it.

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Next up: The NewFC goes the way of the multi-organizational World, Intenational, and Galaxy Boxing mashup.


Bruce Buffer: "Iiiiiit's tiiime! Five rounds for the undisputed, UFC, interim super junior cruiserweight title..."

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Stay off the weed, son.

They set him up with a guy ranked #2 on a two fight losing streak and put the fight in England knowing that English judges are bias and he leaped through the rankings...


hes young, has massive potential, and they want to put him on the next big vegas show


need any more proof?

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I hope it happens


Darren Till is the ufc's next Conor Mcgregor



just what we need.   another guy that will sit on the couch for years with no interest in ever fighting again.


thats pretty much every champion or top ranked fighter in the ufc right now already.

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Colby going to be stripped of the fake belt and Tyron going to be stripped of the real belt, Sage Northcutt to be announced as the undisputed UFC WW champion 



Can't remember which thread it was in, but I jokingly predicted that the next WW title fight would be Conor v GSP after they strip both Woodley and Covington.


This is starting to look more likely by the day....

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