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Corey Anderson calls for fight with Daniel Cormier, Cormier accepts


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Last weekend, in the co-main event of UFC Hamburg, rising light heavyweight contender Corey Anderson picked up the biggest win of his career thus far, defeating former title challenger Glover Teixeira by decision.


Riding high on this UFC Hamburg win, Corey Anderson took to Twitter to call for a title fight reigning light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier — who also owns the UFC light heavyweight title.


“Yo [Daniel Cormier], they said a win over me and Glover would earn a title shot..I beat em, media said you wanted Shogun and he lost, you told Gus off, and you already fought Volkan,” Anderson said in his Twitter callout of Cormier. “I’ll never ‘call you out’ out of respect. But I’m 100% down to fight you.”


In a rather surprising twist, Cormier accepted this callout.


"Ok, sure just find out when and where,” Cormier said in his undeniably surprising response. “I’ll be there. I always am!”




This marks the first Light heavyweight title challenge that DC has accepted so does a potential fight between DC and Anderson excite you?


Who do you think wins?

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DC said he would take the fight because he is well aware the UFC would never book that... DC fights at 205 for Jones and Jones only, move along now. 

this ^^


DC was probably laughing inside when the wrote/said that he accepted.


Corey deserves it but baldy would never do that for now

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.. not even sure any roider can beat DC, tbh.


I think only Jones can do it. He would beat any other guy even if they were on roids.


Not a DC fan but the dude is just that good and dominant

This is true and DC was even cornering that druggie Jones in their second fight until he got kod by roids.

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This is true and DC was even cornering that druggie Jones in their second fight until he got kod by roids.

He went 5 ** rounds with a Jones totally roided (first fight) and that was actually a close fight somehow.


Yes, DC is a bad mofo if you think about it.


Made AJ look very average twice

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No, he didn't. He boxed Glover's eyebrows off.

I don't need to see the fight to tell that's a lie. You don't have time to box someones ears off and spam 19 takedowns attempts. That's more than a takedown attempt per minute, not to mention he landed 7, so they presumably spent several minutes rolling around on the floor.


Fight sounded like it sucked and the 15 second GIF of Shogun getting buried was the only thing worth watching on the card from what I've seen.

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