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Best way to get tickets


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Hi folks,

Just looking at my best chance of getting your tickets for ufc229 McGregor/Kabib.


If I become the Fight Club Member will I be able to buy multiple tickets pre-sale? What's the max you can get on one members pre-sale option. There 4 travelling over so I'm trying to give us our best shot at tickets.



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Wats d story with the cloak and dagger responses on here?


I Got them too, just ignore them.

From what i have been told is get ultimate on this site (which i have), this will give you Pre Sale access codes for tickets that go on sale at 10AM PST (6PM Irish time) 15th of August and create an account with https://www.axs.comas they will be selling the tickets.


From what i've heard lowest ti kets or as the call them nosebleeds will be 400 dollars or more.

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Ah jeez, don't think I want them at that price. **** it, that settles that. I'll find a boozer showing it. Never even taught they'd b that price. Had 100 dollars in me head a ticket. Thanks for the heads up buddy


100% don't get elite for this event only. the tickets are already expensive and you dont need the membership unless you fancy going a few events a year.


i'd suggest you keep checking the price of tickets as the event gets nearer though. they're expected to drop and you might fancy it at a better price.


everyone is panicking over demand for this event but there really isn't that much of a demand at all.

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