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How long before Woodley is considered the GOAT?

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Never really bought into the till hype, but beating him in that fashion was impressive - certainly more impressive than any gsp title defence.


Woodley is now clear second behind Hughes for me. Take out cc and usman and he's undoubtedly the WW GOAT. Performances like that coupled with the manner in which he won the belt should carry a lot more weight than a couple of lacklustre fights in between.

Puts Woodfeg behind Hughes as the #2 and ahead of GSP, the man that finished Hughes twice and has a several fight lead on Woodtrash in title defenses.


Clearly still butthurt about GSP ending Bispings life.


Maybe stick to running marathons and being healthy you tea imbibing kale eater.

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if he travels back in time and beats a prime gsp

They're months apart is age difference, Stupid.


Tell GSP to get his sissy **** in there, if you want to see them fight. Woodley will show up.

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