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Immense potential for UFC 235

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Hello all, time for another fantasy card, or more like a what could've been if not for suspensions even though this card has not yet occurred. The early card in March is one the UFC has tried to stack since 196 when Conor fought Nate and this year they've announced a huge fight with Nick Diaz Vs. Jorge Masvidal. With that (hopefully) going down, stacking the card is a real possibility given the timing of the following fighters. Of course, the UFC does not, and will almost never stack to this degree, but my question is if they did (and there were no suspensions), do you think a main card with these fights could beat the buyrate record? Nevermind an undercard. It's a shame we do not get to see cards of this magnitude due to injury, suspensions, and the UFC holding so many events but again, fantasy. Does it break 2 mil, or even 1.5?

UFC 235 (dreamcard):

Conor Mcgregor Vs. Cowboy Cerrone (LW) (Who knows when Conor can fight in NV again)

Daniel Cormier Vs. Brock Lesnar (HW, Championship) (It is before DC's Bday!)

Nick Diaz Vs. Jorge Masvidal (WW) (I hope we at least get this fight)

Sean O'Malley Vs. Pedro Munhoz (BW) (I think Suga is eleigible like 4 days later)

Mckenzie Dern Vs. Maycee Barber (SW) (Just to stack, you can throw any two big names in here but these two are easy on the eye. Borrachinha vs. Yoel would be another option).

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1 minute ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

Surely Big Mac v Maycee Barber is on most people's fantasy ufc card. Whoever those gentlemen are. 

Winner gets winner of Ostovich Vs. PVZ and it would need some mid-90s WWF style stipulation, like bra & panties oil match or something of the like. 

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