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All Things Bellator Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dude when we going to an event!?!

I'm still going to plan to come out there towards the beginning of next year. I can't go too long without some Cali sunshine. And I'm a sucker for good sporting events like the Warriors or even that Bellator, if it wasn't the price of UFC 200 or something. lol


It's a good lineup for tonight. Bovada is pissing me off since they still didn't have odds up yesterday.

Spam their customer service like I do every single Friday morning. They'll get it together.

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Paul Daley is like 5'7" how does he miss 170 pounds?


My excitement for this card is fading quickly. Do we have like a 3 our of the 5 original main card fights now?


He made weight, 171. But he had a bad weight cut, like usual... so they pulled him from the card for safety reasons.

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