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Top 10 Luxury Trains In The World

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Trains were the backbone of any country’s economy back in the days of the industrial revolution and they still are the lifeline of communication for all. Massive coaches sitting on tracks travelling long distances for hours, equipped with necessary amenities evoke a sense of romance and experience unlike any other sort of travel!

Here are the world’s best 10 luxury trains, equipped with decadence in every corner that is bringing train travelling back in vogue.

10. Golden Eagle Train

Top Luxury Trains

Hardcore travel enthusiasts have an expression that many find to ring true — they say that one has not experienced the attractiveness of train of travelling until they have boarded the Trans-Siberian Express. The Golden Eagle has the very intimidating itinerary exceeding eight different time zones using a very long tour of 2 weeks embroidered with lavishness and comfort in every way. The train features extravagance in its centres and decoration with keen attention to detail like climate-controlled interiors in accordance with the season, TVs in every room, an English speaking doctor on board, laundry services and even a resident pianist on board.

Travelling with the Golden Eagle is a unique experience from the very first beginning until the end: when you arrive at the station, you’ll be met for a champagne reception in the Imperial Waiting Room. Then a car attendant will escort you to the platform where a brass band will play as you step on board the train for the first time. After you have settled in in your cabin, you can join the other passengers in the Great Lounge and Bar Car and toast your departure with champagne while a pianist plays Chopin. On board you can find an expert who will explain the comprehensive off-train excursions available when you pause at a platform. Furthermore, in the two weeks travel you will go through a culinary journey, sampling some caviar and await the delicacies and Russian regional flavours to arrive from the Kitchen. In the Golden Eagle the comfort begins before boarding the train and goes on also afterwards with 5 Star lodging in Moscow and Vladivostok.

9. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express


This train is probably the father of the concept of the luxury train for the masses! Aside from being the setting for Agatha Christie’s famous historic novel “Murder on the Orient Express”, the train also has a rich black and political background behind it. It’s said that Hitler was also one of the fans of this train. The train was French pride and in 1940, the Germans hauled the train into the place of the preceding surrender and took it over. Afterwards, the train narrowly escaped its own doom of being burned by the Nazis when Hitler’s downfall was imminent since he didn’t want this decoration of luxury travel to shine on his enemies’ land.

The legendary train, which is the hottest luxury carriage round the planet has more scoop supporting it, spies during world wars utilized it as a secret weapon, a president once tumbled down out of it and a whole lot more. But perhaps the most understated story of them all is the way the train stays the perfect sign of romance with train rides and classy travel. It certainly is a icon of the rails, a hidden jewel, glittering and timeless. The journey starts with a steward in blue and gold livery waves with a white-gloved hand, who welcomes you on board with a knowing smile and helps you settle in to your cabin. The carefully restored 1920s cabins adorned with art-deco details and French-polished cherry wood will bring you back in time into a world of timeless glamour. With regard to the destination you have many possibilities but the most famous one is the journey that brings you from Venice to London. And while you travel across Europe you will be pleased with a unique dining experience, with local and seasonal ingredients the Executive Chef Christian Bodiguel takes on board along the route.

8. Golden Chariot

Top Luxury Trains

A fresh addition to India’s package of luxury trains carries its passengers on a ride around the popular tourist spots of southern Indian states of Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Several itinerary options are available. The Golden Chariot train started its journey from the recent 2008 and has been a success with those who have a unique place in their hearts to the romance of train journeys. Fit with all modern conveniences, a royal inside decoration, round the clock attendants, climate-controlled insides, guided excursions and sightseeing excursions, spas and luxury restaurants the train is equipped to fulfil all your senses.

The only luxury train in South India, offers an insight into treasure trove of archaelogical wealth, abundant bounty for wildlife seekers and a wide range of culture  for its guests. The journey is a mix of culture, heritage, eco-tourism and beach life. You can relax while the magnificient scenery unfolds outside your window with luxury on the inside.  In fact, the interiors of the cabins, the restaurants area and the lounge bar are inspired by the architecture of temples and palaces.

7. The Blue Train


The train has its title from its iconic cream and blue exterior colour. If you’re looking for an ideal way to explore Africa, this can be the best option. Covering routes between Cape Town and Cairo, this train glides along the shorelines of Atlantic Ocean. Introduced to the world in 1997, this train supplies eight itineraries; Pretoria to Cape Town and vice versa, Pretoria to Durban and vice versa, Pretoria to Hoedspruit and vice versa, Pretoria into Kruger National Park and, Circle Route. Starting from 24-hour butler support to five-course dishes served in silverware, this luxury train experience begins from R23050 onwards.

The Blue train takes luxury to a new dimension and you will feel it immediately when you step into the pre-departure lounges in Pretoria or Cape Town. The different itineraries take guests through some of the most breathtaking countryside to be found anywhere in the world. During the day, the elegant furnished Blue Train suites offer generous lounge chairs afford unequalled views of Africa. Additionally, all the meals during your journey are freshly prepared on board by executive chefs, with carefully selected South African wines that complement the gourmet cuisine.

6. The Ghan

Top Luxury Trains

The Ghan is the Australian luxury passenger train running between Adelaide and Darwin. The history runs back to 1929 when it began as a narrow-gauge train. In 1980, the train was immensely modified to accommodate travelers. In 2001, the Ghan was re-introduced as a contemporary tourism section serving a few of the greatest train journeys of all times. The train offers three unique itineraries: Adelaide to Darwin, Adelaide to Alice Springs and Darwin to Alice Springs. Onboard of the Ghan you will find sumptuous dining, elegant private cabins, attentive service, and the camaraderie of your fellow travellers. And when the train stops, the adventures really begin.

You have the possibility to choose from a huge range of included off-train experiences to create your own rich and rewarding personal journey through Australia’s outback and beyond. In addition to the comfort of the beautiful cabin onboard of the Great Southern Rail train, you’ll be pleased by sumptuous cuisine, fine wines, and camaraderie in our dining carriages. The Ghan concentrates on offering a holistic vacation rather than only a luxury train ride. Beginning from amenities to exclusive panoramic paths, Ghan provides the perfect relaxation vacation starting from $2,889. Stepping aboard of this train will be an unforgettable experience and a real Australian adventure.

5. Palace on Wheels


A regal luxury train that travels around the imperial Indian state of Rajasthan, the Palace on Wheels was one of the foremost in India’s package of luxury trains. The train is fit for kings with state-of-the-art facilities, butler and attendant services around the clock, guided trips and sight-seeing tours at every stop, beautiful cuisine and climate-controlled rooms with lavish en-suites.The inside of the cabins is set up to emulate the imperial palaces of Rajasthan to give you the feels of being a Rajput on the imperial property. The train was designed with inspiration borrowed from the bygone days of Rajasthan’s past with kings and princes.

The royals would often set out in lavish hunting expeditions with big hunting parties. Each car of the train was created bearing in mind the local arts and craft of each bygone state or royal province of Rajasthan beneath principle of legendary rulers. The Palace on Wheels offers a heritage tour of the rich culture of Rajasthan, the world famous Taj Mahal is one of the main attractions of the journey. The aim of the staff of the train is to treat you and make you feel like kings and queens! No wonder why the Palace on Wheels is the pride of Indian Railways; from the luxurious accommodation units to high quality food, souvenirs shop, spa therapy, and well furnished bars, there is so much to indulge in. A journey on this train will be an experience you will cherish your entire life!

4. Belmond Royal Scotsman

Top Luxury Trains

Would you like to learn more about the Scottish countryside in a complete Downton Abbey style? Then you have to board the Royal Scotsman that delivers complete justice to its title. Passengers choose from several distinct itineraries beginning from Edinburgh that range from 2 to 7 days, but the classic voyage aboard the state is the 4 day travelling that moves into the Scottish highlands. Ranking among the world’s most luxurious trains, the train’s mahogany-clad cars marry Edwardian elegance with the comforts of a country house. Ten intricately designed carriages, including the sublime Bamford Spa, form a real palace on wheels. Each suite cabin features sophisticated mahogany marquetry and inviting tweed furnishings and soft Highland wool. You can relax in the elegant lounges while the rugged Scottish landscape glides by and enjoy the view.

The train also comes with guided tours to distilleries and excursions to castles around Scotland. This being UK’s only luxury class sleeper express includes a famous bar stocked with over 50 varieties of its own whisky. Note that the best time to travel aboard of this wonderful train is possibly fall that offers a distinctive purple-tinted perspective of the Scottish meadows coloured by the blossom of wild heather.

3. Eastern & Oriental Express


Love an awe-inspiring tour of the landscape of Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia aboard this exceptional luxury train of the east. The train travels through the enchanting green woods of the property, with guided excursions to gold temples, pagodas and hills.On the train you will experience an exotic cuisine that arrives at white-linen coated tables in the ornamental dining cars. You can take your seat among sparkling crystal and silverware.

The Bar Car boasts a jazz-club ambience, music lingering in the air, while stewards serve you champagne, wine and ****tails. As the train rolls into the night, your cosy cabin awaits. Plush furnishings and ornate marquetry bathe in the glow of your bedside lamp, a gown and slippers laid out for your comfort. Every day and every stop on this train is an adventure, you will discover the real luxury and also the region’s secrets. The train provides 6 itineraries with the special New Year itinerary being one of the most sought after one. With luxurious carriages, two onboard restaurants and a special observation car to see the wildlife in their habitat, the train offers an exceptional experience for its passengers.

2. Belmond British Pullman

Top Luxury Trains

This traditional British Pullman was polished to accommodate many 21st century comforts. The train generates the perfect English journey that echoes the elegant eras of the property. It runs through the calm countryside of Britain attempting to incorporate calmness and experience to the luxury holiday. As famous today as in the peak of British travel, the train’s carriages have sheltered royalty and starred in films—each has a story to tell. The umber and cream livery conceals a wealth of original features. Wander the length of the train to enjoy unique panelling and intricate upholstery, and experience the magic of vintage travel for yourself.

You can discover the historic gems of York, Bath or Canterbury and feel like royalty as you explore Blenheim Palace; wherever you’ll go it will be a unique stylish experience. The special thing about this train is that there are numerous itineraries to cover within a day. These exclusive itineraries come with a meal or/and tea fit for the Queen and they start from 297 Pounds per passenger. So you can also treat yourself on a faboulus dinner aboard of this timeless glamorous train.

1. The Transcantabrico Gran Lujo


This five-star cruise train covering northern Spain is one of the most demanding journeys for enthusiastic luxury travellers from all over the world. This grand rail provides nearly all 21st-century comforts since it runs along with the glamour landscapes of Spain. Taking the Transcantabrico Gran Lujo is a wonderful way of travelling through the beautiful landscapes of northern Spain.

The route from Galicia to the Bay of Biscay covers Cantabria, Asturias, the Basque Country, Castile and León. In the meantime, regional gastronomy, monuments, art and landscapes are presented to travellers from the comfort of a five-star ‘train hotel’. The cabins have a nostalgic décor of 1920s to create a mythical appearance and texture. The train still runs on the coaches introduced in 1923, including more juice to the legacy value. This classic train provides one signature itinerary beginning in Santiago de Compostela and finishes at San Sebastian or even vice-versa. The itinerary runs for eight days and seven nights at 2,100 Euro onwards.

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I worked on the Ghan. 


Newsflash,  every single toilet on every single luxury train gets blocked once per trip longer than 24 hours. Enjoy your 5 star service 

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