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I took a look at the 3 biggest fights on UFC 247 from a prediction and gambling perspective. 


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Jones v. Reyes:

After being poked in the eyes numerous times and threatened with permanent visual impairment (yet not a single point docked by the referee), Reyes decides to kick Jones in the balls as hard as he can. The ref lets Jon recover and takes 2 points from Reyes. As soon as the fight begins again, Reyes lands the hardest nut shot ever delivered in any sporting event in history. Jones wins via DQ, but suffers permanent damage and later undergoes a complete orchidectomy. Since he must now depend on exogenous testosterone use to maintain his health, he never fights again. Reyes returns and eventually captures the LHW title for a brief period.

Shevchenko vs. Chookagian:

Shevchenko outstrikes and outgrapples Chookagian to a boring and predictable UD victory. However, due to a new rule change, both fighters wear the same fight gear as the men and are therefore topless in the cage.

Adams v. Tafa

In the clash between two giant heavyweights, the the decision is ultimately a draw after neither competitor is able to get up off the stool after the 1st round. Official result - Draw (double retirement).

Bektic v. Ige

In a fight for the ages, Ige becomes the first fighter in the UFC to land a triple-spinning-backfist.

Lewis v. Latifi

After being outpointed with pitter patter strikes for two-and-a-half rounds, Lewis lands a game changer overhand that literally flattens Latifi's skull, rendering him an invalid.





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