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What's Next For The Winners & Losers Of UFC 247

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Well after another big UFC PPV done its time for another What's Next for the winner's and losers!




Jon Jones

Well that was certainly unexpected, in what I thought was going to be a routine cruise control to victory performance from Jones we actually seen him pushed further than he ever has been previously in a fight and for the first time, I thought he lost. The judges gave Jon the nod however but the collective outcry from the fans and media and even Jones himself seem to be aware that this dubious decision needs to be run back. Especially when you consider who else is left at Lightheavyweight, the winner of Anderson vs. Blachowicz? Anthony Smith if he can beat a 40 year old Glover? The Reyes rematch is without a doubt the fight to make.

Next Opponent: Dominick Reyes 


Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina went out and showed everyone why she was the biggest favourite on the card with what can only be described as a one sided beatdown of Chookagian. In just three defences and in less than two years Valentina has become recognized as one of the most dominant champions in the division with really nobody in her division even appearing to be close to the same level as her especially on the feet. Nobody stands out as a clear cut contender just now but simply because she's the highest ranked fighter she hasn't faced yet and the fact Valentina mentioned her I think in all likelihood Calderwood is up next for her.

Next Opponent: Joanne Calderwood


Justin Tafa

The black sheep fight of the card, pretty sure most people rubbed there heads in confusion when they seen this was on the main card which meant there wasn't that much to gain for either man but more a hell of a lot to lose. This very much felt like a loser leaves town, ufc trimming the roster sort of deal and in that sense well done to Tafa he's surely earned himself one or two more fights in the ufc, only issue is Heavyweight is really thin so getting him a similar leveled opponent isn't easy. Crowder is similarly ranked and in need of a win himself.

Next Opponent: Allen Crowder


Dan Ige

This marks a fifth straight win now for Ige with Bektic being the first real test against top level competition, while a win over Bektic itself likely won't be enough to get him in to the top 15 it should at the very least now get him a fight where he has a chance to win that opportunity. He's called out Korean Zombie but personally I think that's maybe being a bit overly ambitious as KZ is one away from a title shot. There are plenty of top 15 guys without a match-up booked right now though and a perfect fit for Ige I think would be against Shane Burgos.

Next Opponent: Shane Burgos


Derrick Lewis

If this had went any other way than a Lewis win the Houston crowd may have rioted, thankfully however Derrick got the UD nod over Latifi. Despite now being the 5th ranked guy and ona two fight winning streak he's in a odd spot. Firstly that was Latifi's first fight at Heavyweight and his other win is over Ivanov who is tough as nails but not a top 10 guy. The fact that Derrick has an ongoing medical issue makes me wonder if we will see him back quickly or not. If it is a relatively quick turnaround he wants than I don't see how it can be anyone other than Curtis Blaydes. Granted its a fight he won't be the favourite but if he wants to get a crack at the belt again he will need to beat some top guys.

Next Opponent: Curtis Blaydes





Dominick Reyes

I don't know about all of you but I didn't really rate Reyes chances of beating Jones, didn't think it would be an exciting fight but more another strategic dominant performance we've become accustom to but Reyes came closer than anyone has before of dethroning the Lightheavyweight GOAT and really should have got the decision. Reyes should in all likelihood now get a chance to run it back with Jones in a rematch in the next few months. Reyes obviously wants it, the fans want it, even Jones said he is up for it and with other competition so thin I don't see how they cant make the rematch between Reyes and Jones.

Next Opponent: Jon Jones


Katlyn Chookagian

Katlyn Chookagian has a great chance to beat any women's flyweight in the world not named Valentina Shevchenko. Here however it just seemed like a case of sheep in amongst the wolves as Katyln and the rest of the girls in the division don't look to be anywhere near on the same level as her. What sucks for her is unless Shevchenko completely clears out the division or Katyln manages to put together a streak that makes it undeniable then I doubt you see her get a crack at the belt again. Modafferi is a good fresh match-up and her popularity has arguably never been higher.

Next Opponent: Roxanne Modafferi


Juan Adams

The fight between two Heavyweights who aren't even quite at the prospect level was an odd one to have on the main card to begin with. For Adams even more was on the line as he was already on a two fight skid and now after this latest loss moves to three losses in a row. This is the kiss of death for many established fighters higher up in the rankings and despite Heavyweight being historically one of the thinnest divisions I don't really see that saving Juan here as I imagine we will here he has been given his walking papers in the next few days.

Next Opponent: Bellator/PFL/Rizin/ONE FC


Mirsad Bektic

After being a consensus top 15 fighter for so long it looks as though Bektic is starting to slip. This time two years ago he only had one loss in his whole career now he's had three and lost three of his last five. He definitely needs to win his next fight unless he wants to be seen as potentially entering his decline already. Riding two losses he isn't as appealing a name as before so I reckon his next fight will be against someone else not quite in the rankings who's approaching that undesired title of journeyman. Cub would make for a good fight since breaking that skid against Gracie.

Next Opponent: Cub Swanson


Ilir Latifi

One of the oddest fights of the night from the very first moment I heard Latifi moving to Heavyweight I was left scratching my head. The fact that he was given such a high ranked opponent in Lewis despite being on a two fight skid further confused me. Even though he lost to Lewis here im left feeling much better about his future at Heavyweight. Let's be honest he was never gonna be a guy challenging for the title anyway but I think he can pick up plenty of wins in that 15th to 9th positions of the rankings. Pavlovich is a prospect who needs testing and Latifi is the type of guys who will give you hard gruelling fight.

Next Opponent: Sergei Pavlovich

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Agree 110% on Adams


A very large % had it 3-2 Reyes,  and Solis's score-card doesn't help Jon .... It's in Jones's best interest to rematch soon before he declines further .

Reyes will get better, > much better and fast -  that fight will go down as a blemish .

Dominick can sit chilly, White want's it .


-Don't care about the other fighters on that chit-card !

* Joe Solis is a lawyer/ judge and no stranger to controversy-  ?


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On 2/11/2020 at 4:11 AM, agtx said:

I bet Anderson gets next crack at Jones & Reyes doesnt get his rematch.


Jones aint giving a rematch to guys he knows can beat him in a rematch.

Reyes and Santos can forget about it

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Jones rematched the 2 guys who took him to a close decision, Alex & DC. 

I think its the UFC that wont give reyes the rematch next, not that Jones will avoid it. 

Also funny that everyone still upset about the Jones fight decision when the black beast fight was 100 times a worse decision. Its cause it suits the haters to not complain about that one & to try to dump on Jones like they dumped on Tyron. Terrible.

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16 hours ago, agtx said:

Jones rematched the 2 guys who took him to a close decision, Alex & DC. 

I think its the UFC that wont give reyes the rematch next, not that Jones will avoid it. 

I think the DC and Gus rematches were completely different circumstances as it would be Reyes and Santos. 

The scenario involving DC and Gus were different too.

The Reyes fight was the closest Jones ever had and now Reyes made a name for himself and a rematch would sell easily. I dont think baldy would deny that rematch if Jones would ask for it.

A quick fix for it would be Reyes vs Santos and Jones vs Cory (if Cory wins this weekend of course) on the same card.

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18 minutes ago, agtx said:

Think the first Alex fight was the closest & the most beat up weve ever seen Jones. 


He lost that fight also -

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He won all the fights he won. 

The decision in the jones v reyes fight is not hard to accept, people who are upset are probably the ones who put money on Reyes.

Gsp vs pig rig....now that was a dodgy decision, even gsp looked confused.

Edited by agtx

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