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Looking to start a UFC virtual watch party group

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My name is Joe and I currently live in Laos, before that Vegas and before that my hometown Boise. 

As the titles says, I'm interested in starting a UFC virtual watch party with other cool guys (or gals).

No cheapos who can't pay for them, no self-righteous hipsters and especially nobody who likes to Woo! at the live events. 

Email me at joemcneal76@gmail.com or connect w/me on Messenger and let's watch some fights together. 

Oh and no anonymous profiles or keyboard warriors with fake pics either. Real people with real names & pics only. 



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38 minutes ago, Joe_In_Laos_2020 said:

Good idea. Yes, UFC gear. Or whatever you wanna wear. Just as long as you're comfortable.

This level of ambiguity puzzles me.

I'm worried that Wickles will show up wearing nothing but a UFC mouthguard.

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