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UFC on ESPN 24/ Waterson vs Rodriguez/ Apex

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man this card sucks

at least we got big ben rothwell fighting on the undercard. @sobercuban will be stoked for that



christina aguilera is also fighting on the card.

it would have been alot better, but holly holm vs pena got scrapped

so did roxanne the can vs that other can

dildoshaw vs the sandwagon is also off

jimmy flick was so enticed by this card he was fighting on that he decided he would rather retire just so he could sit home and watch the other fights

we've got womens flyweights headlining the main event in a non title fight

and the chick with the afro is also fighting on the main card

that leaves us with geoff neil vs neil magny.   the battle of the neal's.   this is the real main event.  im sure that @LayDownDead will be tuning in for this one

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jimmy flick had one fight in the ufc. its a shame he decided to pull out of his fight from this card and retire before any of us ever got the chance to know that he was on the ufc's roster

i'll be the first to admit that i cant even remember who this guy is, but he probably could have saved this card

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