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Chipotle vs. Qdoba


Which one is better? (not the specific, particular, ghetto franchise down the street from your job, but in general, which is the better one?)  

  1. 1. Which chain is better as a whole? (I'm not talking the ghetto ones that employs folks who travel by bus. I'm asking about the good ones.)

    • Chipotle
    • Qdoba

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11 minutes ago, cashfl0w said:

Your official answer is: They're both trash. Go find an authentic Mexican joint that isn't a chain, you trashbag.

I tended bar at a Latin dance club off and on for over 9 years (which had a taco guy.). I dance Salsa most Sundays at a little place where my friends get together (a Mexican restaurant.)  Most of my friends are Spanish speaking.  I’m forever connected to people from every little corner of Latin America, most of which are Mexican.  I eat more of that stuff than anything else, besides my breakfast.  

Chipotle and Qdoba are novelty choices for me.  I like ‘em.  

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