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GSP should defend his legacy vs Usman


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thank god for free canadian health care cause im gonna need it after i try the GSP weekly fitness challenge and tear off every ligimant in my arm.

ozpride if you would be so kind as to keep us updated in new threads with the weekly GSP challenge, that would be great.   

stand by next week for when i turn myself into a pretzel

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On 11/7/2021 at 3:27 PM, cashfl0w said:

Marty looked like a ****ing bum last night. 

Stephen Thompson would beat that can, but nobody involved will allow it.

Thompson literally looked worse in his last fight. 

If he can't stop Bums from taking him down, Usman will slam him through the canvas floor m8 

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8 hours ago, I_Take_Roids_m8 said:

I honestly believe GSP would destroy Usman. 


It's OK brada Khazmat will smish him with ease

After the way that second Covington fight went, I agree.

Usman pretty much seems to have plateaued in striking ability already. 

A lot of people expected him to come in with his "improved striking" and take out Colby.

Including me, but Colby while it took him too long to wake up, proved what he said about Usman, and that's that Usman's striking really hasn't gotten much better, and that he still had many glaring weaknesses that he saw in Usman's second fight with Masvidal. 

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