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16 hours ago, Conceive-Believe-Achieve said:

Get a decent translator. You’ve been way off a few times now 

i work with a bunch of hindus. i know and have memorized alot of dirty words and phrases. they have taught me, and i have confirmed all kinds of other dirty stuff i have found from the internet. 

i just told you - a thousand elephant diсks in your mothers рussy.  and yes, that  is in fact what it means in hindi.

  your google translator is broken. youre going to have a rough time trying to understand what i just told you if youre just going by google or whatever to figure it out.   plus i cant really spell them that great.  google translate doesnt work very well for alot of hindi phrases. though the odd word or two will translate correctly.  maybe the good words.   they seem to be harder for me to pronounce or remember than the bad.  i can say thank you, or lock the door, shut it down and some other good words. but the rest of the stuff will get me beat up if i say them to the wrong person


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