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Colby vs JourneyMan George


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Their plan to fight for the welterweight champ didn't work out because Marty Juiceman doesn't play by the rules.

The smart play is the favorite which has to be Colby via UD.  I think Masvidal training nothing but wrasslin for Marty which got him knocked out under Marty training with Whitman makes this fight more interesting.  Colby can't bust a grape.  He's not knocking Jorge out.  He will jock sniff early and that's fine.  He's definitely the betting favorite but I think he might get into an exchange where he gets cracked in the mouth.

This is a play though they don't hate each other.  Dollars make cents.

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3 hours ago, agtx said:

Says a lot about colbys career when hes fighting another fighter whos in career limbo. Its the Mcgregor zone. Popular fighters that exist outside the real rankings.

They've both gone 5 rounds and both been finished by the champion of the division.  Usman is on all kinds of steroids.  He's definitely on EPO I remember when he fought Emil Meek (bum) and gassed after 7 minutes.  Now he can go 25 without even slowing down.


5 hours ago, Bwana said:

Colby by GNP, probably by the 2nd round....his cardio is far superior to Masvidal's

Unless you're smoking crack I need some of that hot fire.  Colby has one legit TKO in the UFC in the 3rd round against Max Griffin 6 goddamn years ago.  He's not stopping Jorge.  He'll struggle to hold him down.  Going to be a lot of pushing up against the fence.  This will look similar to Usman/Masvidal 1.  Unless Colby really wants to throw hands then he'll be getting sat down several times.

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Colby does have better cardio but 2nd round GnP finish?  You might be retarded.  Jorge really took the first Usman fight on about 3 days notice when you factor in flying all over the planet for covid testing and you gotta weigh in the day before.  He cuts 21 pounds and still went the distance.  I don't know why his cardio would be suspect enough that he's getting stopped in 2.

Since Usman switch to Whitman he can actually punch.  Colby can throw punches but he doesn't have a single knockout on his record.  His most recent TKO was a rib injury against a 40 year old Woodley in the 5th round.  Funny enough his very first fight was also a TKO due to his opponent having a knee injury.

Colby can't finish his lunch.  He isn't finishing any ranked welterweights.

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On 1/11/2022 at 5:49 PM, cashfl0w said:

They both ducked Chimaev.

Seems like Marty Juiceman is as well in favor of Leon Scott who absolutely sucks.  Nearly knocked out by Nate Diaz who is a volume puncher.  They better find a main event for that PPV because absolutely no one cares about Leon and not many give a damn about Marty and he knows it.  He wanted to fight guys that don't have a lisp and can sell the card for him.  Or in Nate Diaz's case he wants to fight him with one win in 6 years with a lisp because Nate will sell the card for him.

Khamzat is enormous dude was 198 lbs for his grappling match with The Joker.  Looks like they're gonna make him kill Gilbert Burns for his title shot.  If Dan Hooker is sleeping you in 2 minutes the outlook doesn't look good.  Gilbert gave Wonderman the most thorough nutsack inspection of all times.  Good luck little fella.

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3 hours ago, Yesterdays_Hero said:

I agree Journeyman George would beat GSP, champs from past eras struggle against the new guys like Royce vs Hughes

journeyman georges > journeyman george.  don't hate. appreciate.

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