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Oliveira-Gaethje official for UFC 274


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A merit-based title shot, whatever next?  Honestly thought they were going to pull a Montreal screw job and give 0-3 Conor a shot.

Should be a good scrap. Feels like Chuckie's been getting in a lot of bother for his last few fights. He's toughed it out and got the win each time, but i think if Gaethje gets that balance he got against Ferguson that he takes it. 

Now give me my like, @cashfl0w!

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Gaethje finna kick this man's leg clean off.  Overhand right him into a Chuck stanky leg.

Olives already doing that dumb **** talking about moving down for another belt and moving up for another belt.  Dude... Dustin sat you down twice in one round.  Marty Juiceman would ****ing kill you and you can't make 145 pounds anymore.  He was basically on his knees sucking Conor's Irish balls saying that's the fight he wanted.  The guy that got stomped twice because it's the money fight.  The guy that can't even train properly until summer.

He gets dropped in every fight.  Even that blown up midget Chandler nearly got him out of there.

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15 hours ago, Megasoup said:

I used to be a Gaethje fan, but he did something or said something which permanently changed my mind.  I forgot what it was, though.  It doesn't matter...I'm going with Oliveira for this one; stoppage in the later rounds.  

It was probably this; "False confidence is false confidence", that probably rustled your sensitive feathers.

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