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Gunnar Nelson is still a professional fighter?  I figured he had moved on to being Conor's new second jew jitsu coach now that Dillon Danus is a cripple.  Last time I saw him in the cage he beat up Leon Scott before Jorge worked that dude backstage in the middle of an interview.  Leon finally getting that title shot against Marty when lightweights have been putting him on skates for years.

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Duck a washed Woodley.  Poke Belal's eye clean out of his skull.  Do the chicken dance against Nate Diaz.  Avoid getting knocked the **** out by Masvidal because they decided to cash in on Masvidal/Covington fake beef.  Couldn't finish a basketball player in 3 rounds that Dong smashed in 3 minutes...

Title shot against a dude that beat you when all he could do was wrestle and wasn't on EPO yet.  Juiceman gassed in 7 minutes against Emil Meek.

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