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Rogan out - UFC 271 Commentary ruined


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I actually like Bisping on commentary, even though I agree with everything you said about him.

Who knows why Rogan is out. The latest reason is a "scheduling conflict", which seems highly suspicious when one would rightfully assume any conflicts would've been known well in advance. If it's because of the fallout from his podcast and all the butthurt over old videos and garbage takes on covid, then you'd think they would have made the decision earlier.

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2 hours ago, OzPride said:

Bisping gets a main event. Most arrogant self centred prick in commentator history takes the seat of commentary royalty. 


Full event will now be watched on mute. Thanks scumbag leftists. 

Joe Rogan IMO has actually not done worth a damn lately.  He just says the same **** and let's DC tell everyone what's going in wrestling/clinch situations.  Anik sits over there with the personality of a lawn chair.

He'll be back they're just giving people time to forget about recent controversy.  For the last several years I had to really like his guest if I was going to watch his podcast.  Him and Schaub both constantly spread misinformation and can't remember who actually fought who half the time.  Can't get the weight class right.  All kinds of dumb ****.

My favorite dumb d!ck Joe Rogan moment has to be when he had strongman Robert Oberst on.  They start talking about strongman and Joe is like "So the guy from game of thrones... The Mountain is he like a legitimate strongman."  Robert Oberst "Ugh... yeah Thor is legit he just won WORLD's Strongest Man competition last year.  He's very legit."

Is the reigning world's strongest man a legitimate strongman?  The man was on the goddamn podium for 8 consecutive WSM events and won the Arnold Classic 4 times.  Jesus Christ he's exactly what Cruz accused DC of which is not doing his homework.  Your guest that you will talk to for like 2-3 hours is a professional strongman.  You'll probably be talking about it at some point.  Use Google for like 5 ****ing minutes.

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15 minutes ago, gadgets19 said:

I'm not missing Joe

Yeah I see no difference either 

I like DC and Bisping tbh. Anik is fine as a color commentator.

Tbh, if they replaced Rogan with Cruz, I'd have beef , but happy they went with Bisping. Way more fun to listen to

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1 hour ago, MauroPedrosa said:

Bro, we really are. Our main rivals Sporting and Benfica made the last 16 of the champions league and we’ll be watching from home. Bottled the chance to have 3 Portuguese teams in the final 16 for the first time 

You have the honour of being LFC's feeder club though. That's quite a privilege. 

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