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Aloe Vera misses weight, stripped of title


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2 hours ago, Dark_Horse said:

Fck gaychee and his terrorist rat manager. I hope he gets he gets put in a knee bar for 20 minutes

Gaethje didn't just miss weight for the 8th time.

Charles is a ****ing piece of trash.  He can't even defend a 155 title and used to fight and commonly miss weight at 145.  He's the type of filthy animal that I hope when Justin sleeps him that Charles never wakes up.

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52 minutes ago, juice64011 said:

Fatty Olives won't be 170? 

One made weight 2 hours early, the other couldn't make it. 

He doesn't come in huge in his title fights, if anything he's pretty lean. he's not a wrestler. Chandler looked like he had 15 pounds on him

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On 5/6/2022 at 9:18 PM, OzPride said:

What a ****ing joke it's 1 pound and Justin is gonna be 170 by fight time 

Justin walks around fat at 173.  Called Shaub our for talking **** about his fighting style on Schaub's food truck eating podcast.  He's been punked by lightweights and welterweights.

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