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Official Fighters To Watch Outside the UFC Thread


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I'm always posting about random people that I know some of you don't see (Justin Gaethje when he was in WSOF, etc), and I'm sure there are plenty I don't see.. 

Let's start a thread to post about people we see at smaller events, even if they're just PFL or Bellator. 

This weekend has a couple for me that I'm keeping an eye on. I do believe Danny Sabatello would be wrassle****in' dudes in the UFC pretty easily. He fights another guy I've liked for years, Leandro Higo, a Jose Aldo clone, this Friday. I took Sabatello at -155, and he is now -600. lol.. I got Sabatello winning a very lopsided decision there. A 10-8 round or two being sprinkled in, if he doesn't sub Higo.

Another one of the guys I like is Renan Ferreira. He should have one loss, in his third pro fight, he got caught in an armbar. His other loss was some silly MMA rules nonsense, punches to the back of the head, but he was easily winning the fight. Similar to Jon Jones. He's about 6'8, 260 pounds. Not jiggly like most people at that weight. I do believe he would give most of the top guys at that weight class in the UFC a massive problem, which is actually his nickname, The Problem.

Anybody you think we need to keep an eye on?

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