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It's about time we acknowledge that Sean Strickland is awesome. Hype train is accepting passengers.


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6 hours ago, Megasoup said:

Well, I'm a feckin' ****bag, so maybe that's why I like him.  The way he speaks and carries himself has a familiar feeling; sort of like the worst version of myself (or maybe it's the best.)


He's a **** stain on the MMA world. A man as big as he is should have A LOT more pop on his punches, especially when he runs his mouth as much as he does. You'd think from listening to him that he was out flatlining guys, not having point fighting marathons like he does.

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7 hours ago, Bezerker101 said:

Will he fight the correct fight,  or will he go full Strickland  ?

Talk 1,000 words a minute while running and dancing his way to a decision?

Considering he has three stoppages in the UFC in eight years, all of which have come over retired fighters, it seems like a lock that he sees the scorecards, if he doesn't get killed in the process.

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5 hours ago, cashfl0w said:

Soup waits til this guy has won umpteen straight decisions to leap on, and he immediately gets his hype train derailed by a person 95% of MMA fans can't pick out of a lineup. lol

That's just the way it goes, I guess. 

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