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Conor McSwayze


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This is the second article I've read, so it's official.  He's going to star in the remake of Road House. 


The other article I read mentioned that he is indeed cast in the role originally played by the legendary Patrick Swayze. 

*edit: my memory sucks, maybe I didn't read that anywhere, or browsed through the article so quickly as to misinterpret what I had read.





Get ready to rumble, because Conor McGregor is set to make his film debut.

The UFC champion, 34, will star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming Prime Video reboot of the iconic 1989 action film Road House, Amazon confirmed to E! News. The cast also includes Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Travis Van Winkle, Lukas Gage, Beau Knapp and Arturo Castro.

"Conor McGregor is very excited to expand his storied career to Hollywood and join with Jake Gyllenhaal in this reimagining of Road House, a beloved classic," a spokesperson for Conor said in a statement. "While fighting remains his top focus, this is the beginning of another successful venture in the McGregor empire. He is eager to get started filming."

And it's safe to say that his fans are pretty excited about his transition from the ring to the silver screen. One user commented, "Let's go! Congratulations Conor McGregor, really excited to watch you on the big screen."


Another added, "There's nothing Conor can't do."

Conor McGregor

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Starring Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliott, the original Road House centered around the story of James Dalton (Swayze), a bouncer at a local bar called The Double Deuce who keeps the town safe from evil businessman Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara).

A few fans have already cast their bets on what character they think Conor will be playing in the upcoming remake. Most are under the impression that he will star as Jimmy Reno, one of Wesley's henchmen, who was originally played back in the '80s by Marshall Teague.

"Gonna assume the role is Jimmy," one fan shared. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!


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However, this article says it's going to be Gyllenhaal playing Swayze's old part.




"According to Deadline, Gyllenhaal will star as the main character in "Road House," as a former UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer in a Florida Keys bar. McGregor's role is unknown, but Deadline reported that he would be playing an original character and not himself. The movie will go into production this month in the Dominican Republic and will stream on Prime Video at a date to be determined, per Deadline."


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Speaking of movies which may or may not be terrible, this was finally released to the public and was shown in a local theater last week.  It's a short indie film, so it hasn't gotten a ton of views, and likely never will.  I wrote it.  My very talented friend produced and directed it.  



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2 hours ago, juice64011 said:

I believe you are correct, then she got crushed and they cancelled the film.

Hasn't Conor lost like 36 out of his last 37 fights? With the lone win coming from a standing TKO on an elderly man?

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