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So Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva is Gonna Happen ..


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I think Anderson knocks him clean out.  Didn't he smoke Tito like no one ever has?  Tito would always quit against Chuck.  The first fight he got wrecked but was still semi conscious.  The second one he turtled up and quit.

He should've just fought the lazy Hasim.  That dude's work ethic sucks and that's straight from his father's mouth.  He boxed one guy worth a **** and Tommy Morrison's son knocked him out.

Yeah Anderson is 47 but he beat a 33 year Chavez Jr who didn't bother making the weight that he requested.  Chavez Jr despite his laziness could roll out of bed and clown Jake Paul.  Anderson will have some height and reach.  He's not 5 foot 8 like Woodley looking for an overhand.  That upper body/head movement is still there.  He's probably geared up but so is Jake so whatever.

I'm rambling but if Anderson Silva loses to Jake Paul it will truly kill his legacy.  He already tainted that legacy by showing up to fight Nick Diaz on steroids.

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On 9/6/2022 at 3:26 PM, cashfl0w said:

Andy finna rape that ****, if it's not rigged.


On 9/6/2022 at 3:39 PM, skillandpower said:

That's my same logic.

If this fight ends up any other way it will expose that circus

I see Silva winning an easy decision, these "exhibitions" usually don't have a knockout.

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