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Main event at risk


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20 minutes ago, skillandpower said:

Sorry Vert but based on history it must be my boy Oliveira

He made weight too early imo.  He was good 10 hours before weigh ins but you could be right still.  We don't know what went on for those 10 hours.  And they didn't actually show the scale in the video.  They just celebrated and claimed he went to bed on weight.

My money would be on Islam because he has to hit championship weight.  Most lightweights should really be at welterweight with guys like Covington, Burns, Steve and Masvidal.  A lot of welterweights could fight up a class and so on.  Leon and Marty are way bigger than Covington, Burns, WB and Masvidal.

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This thread is retarded though.  They both hit 154.5 so nothing is in jeopardy.  They were just checking on the back up in case someone had kidney failure getting the last couple of pounds off.

I like Volk but I think he might get bullied real bad by some guys at 155.  I think he can hang with certain styles but I see someone the likes of Gamrot being too big and strong.  Islam would throw him all over the place.

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1 hour ago, VertFTW said:

At ceremonial weigh ins chuck looked good ...fake kabob bot so much. 


I doubt midget gets called in.

I thought they both looked dried out still.  But people can't say Chuck is smaller just because he fought and missed weight at 145 in his 20's. 

I think Volk matches up decent with Chuck, Gaethje and Chandler.  There's other guys that I think he could be competitive.  Poirier, Dariush but I see Gamrot ranked 9th and think that's a bad stylistic match up for him.

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