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UFCs most tested fighters


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6 hours ago, cashfl0w said:

Also, seems obvious to me that they believe there's some sort of steroid cycle that's in and out of you very quickly, right? They think he's blood doping or something?

I think it's very strange.  I have never looked at Jiri and thought this mother****er is on steroids.  At least not more steroids than some ****ers that apparently have been tested single digit times.  TJ and Aljo both looked juiced to me. 

They got Marty and Costa on the list but why the **** is Masvidal on there?  He doesn't even fight unless it's for the title or #1 contender for 3 years now.  I consider him a retired fighter.  He made history, got a big contract, got paid a lot to beat up Nate Diaz.  Then Burns fell out and he got multi millions to fight Marty on 5 days notice.  He's nearly 40 and he's dealing with the consequences of bushwhacking Colby in the streets.

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