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Dillashaw retires


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Likely for a year so he can roid and come back. 

“He told [his manager] Tiki [Ghosn] that he wanted to walk away,” he concluded. “That he had had enough and it came as a shock to both Tiki and the UFC, I’m told. But they did inform the UFC within the last two weeks, a week and a half or so that his decision was to retire. Obviously, he’s gonna rehab and try to get back to 100 percent. Who knows what happens down the line, but as of right now, T.J. Dillashaw is retired and that’s why you saw the tweet that he was removed from the UFC rankings as well.”

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Pulling a Conor huh?  Tiki I'm retiring to rehab this shoulder.  Remove myself from the testing pool so I can juice.  We'll re-enter the pool in a year.

He'll be 38 before he can fight again.  Speed matters a lot in his weight class.  He should stick with it and just open some more CLEAN JUICE juice bars.  Without cheating he would've never been champ.

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On 12/5/2022 at 8:51 PM, NikkiNeversleep said:

Not that I saw it coming, but for some reason I'm just not surprised by it.


Three year suspension, comes back and "wins" controversial decision against Sandhagen, injures himself in likely his last title shot. 36 years old and bout to be 37. 

He'd be 37,  have to heal his shoulder, and get likely 2-3 more wins over top contenders to fight for the title again. By then, he's probably turning 40.

Edit - and 2-3 wins is being generous. Who knows if he'd have to string 4-5 more wins before gifted another title shot.

Yeah, good idea to retire.

Dirtbag person, but was fun to watch. 3 year suspension was his ultimate downfall.

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I was an OG Dillashaw fan. I picked him back in the original camp game back when conventional wisdom said that a bum like Renan Barao would beat him.

That said, picking a fight with the guy a weight class below, only to get slept in a minute and then fail a drug test is pretty much unforgivable. He needs to stay retired and stop disgracing himself any further.

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Even in retirement he is embarrassing himself. 

“We don’t have an offseason,” Dillashaw told Brendan Schaub on “Food Truck Diaries.” “We’re tested 365 days a year. You don’t get time to heal. You don’t get these down times. The guy is in movies, he’s doing all this sh*t, his leg is broken in half, and even if he were to take steroids to recover himself, he can’t compete with it in his system. So he’s not gonna have an advantage from taking what he’s taking. All he’s doing is healing. If you’re telling me that a guy can’t heal, who’s gonna make not only himself but the UFC hundreds of millions of dollars, that makes no sense not to. He’s not doing anything wrong.”


If he puts on a ton of muscle with the help of roids and cycles off of it for 8 months to fight, he's still going to have benefits of the roids. It's not like you instantly lose all benefits. 


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