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List of people that have been robbed by Pimblett.


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1. Julian Erosa

2. Jared Gordon

Figured we should get this thread going now. Looks like we're gonna have some funny stuff going on with phony McGregor. 

(UFC is funny for putting Pimblett and Topuria both on the same card last night. A little double dose of Fake Conors. We can't have real Conor, so we'll shove both of the phonies on here and hope that'll hold you over. lol)

If you've watched any of his other decisions, and they were garbage, feel free to let me know and I'll add them. Will update when he robs whatever tater they have lined up for him next time.

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MMA judges are high level minds in the sport.

To question them is to admit you are not at their level.

I must humbly respect the judges decisions and look forward to a new year of amazing fights with which we trust our knowledgeable judges to decide the outcome. 

Merry Christmas 

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4 hours ago, agtx said:

All the same people that hate on Paddy, also hate on Sean O'smelly. 

That's not true.  Sean had a much closer fight with Petr Yan.  Some think that he lost but when accepting his win he was humble.  He didn't call for Fight of the Night.  He didn't claim he was just coasting in round 3 because of he won the first 2 rounds and his ankle was injured.

My level of respect for Sean went way up with his post fight interview.  I was mostly indifferent but didn't dislike Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger until his post fight interview last night.  I even let the lying about rolling with Gordon and asking for money to be on Ariel's show slide.


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I doubt if they match him with a better fighter than Gordon,  I believe they'll try to put one  more over on us before

they match him semi- properly  -  He needs to be knocked out cold or the excuses will flow like O'Malley vs Chito .






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