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Race to 101 returns


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The best damn game in town could return if we can get 4+ players from the 11 active members. 


Posting this to see if there's any interest. 


The best and most difficult game in fora history is back. @Decompoze was the last champion and the leader in the last game so it's only fitting that we start again from zero. 



This is a race to 101 Points based on predicting or inacurately predicting the outcome of fights.




1 correct pick, 1 point. 1 incorrect pick, -1 point.




You can choose fighter, method of victory & round of victory. Just the fighter will do, or the fighter and the round or the method or all three.




Picking a fighter correctly to win by decision will gain you 2 points. If that fighter loses my decision it will be minus 2 points




All incorrect picks of method or round by that same round or method will lose 1 point each.




If you pick a fighter to win by submission, and they lose by another method eg KO or decision, it will only get you -1 point for the fighter loss.




To get -2 or -3points the result and round must be the opposite of your pick. If you picked fighter A by KO in round 1, and fighter B wins a decision, you will get -1 point. If B wins by KO in r2, you get -2 points and if B wins by KO in r1 you get -3 points



Points are allocated at the end of an event. This means if you go over 101 mid card and **** up the rest then you will not be victorious just yet. 



*Bonus Points*




** Please note these will not change during the game **




- Bonus 10 points if you pick 6 or more correct winners for one card (all picks must be correct to get bonus points, so if you pick 7 and go 6-1 NOBONUS4U)




- Bonus -10 points if you INCORRECTLY pick six or more winners for one card (as above)




- instant victory of 101 if you pick the entire card





- nobody gets eliminated unless they have edited a pick after the results of an event, cheated on some other Bastard way, or at my discretion. I certainly don't expect that to happen during a game of this calibre.


The winner is the first to successfully reach 101 points




Good luck gentlemen.



Putting some picks in will count you as IN. Anyone can join at any time, simply post your fighter picks in the thread and you'll be added to the list.


any questions I will answer as the game progresses.


This will begin with the upcoming card.


If you're IN let me know!









 If you want to change your pick, that's fine right up until the event starts.



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