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MMA fans and their MMA math.


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I'm used to seeing the slower folks on the forum (you know who you are) do their awful MMA math and arrive at some really awful conclusions about how fights that haven't happened would go. Yesterday, we got a new one. The fight all the helmet-wearers on the internet determined the outcome of yesterday was Sergei Pavlovich vs. Jon Jones.

The logic being thrown around is that Pavlovich lost a wrestling match to Alistair Overeem, so clearly, he would lose to Jon Jones.

Am I the only one that doesn't have that?? Overeem had just fought the likes of Stipe, Blaydes, and Ngannou. Pavlovich was coming in for his debut after fighting the Great Kiriil Sidelnikov. (That's the right reaction.)

Further than that, Overeem was a champion level kickboxer. He nearly finished Stipe for the belt. Am I the only one who thinks Pavlovich probably prepared for a kickboxing match??? I honestly feel like the Overeem fight five years ago means almost nothing in a potential Jones matchup. If anything, I feel like we should be holding on to the sketchy decisions Jones was winning over folks catching losses in PFL, which are actually more recent than the Pavlovich/Overeem fight.

What say you? Does the fact that Jon Jones easily subbed Gane mean he's going to do the same to Pavlovich? Is MMA math nonsense?

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7 hours ago, juice64011 said:

Pav was a Greco Roman wrestler as a kid and sambo competitor in the Russian army. I think he's much more capable of keeping it standing than Gane who admittedly doesn't like training wrestling.

I wanted to bash my head against the wall after reading the comments on the Bobby Green fight and then the hot takes on how Pavlovich vs. Jones would play out.

I actually don't even like MMA fans, if we're being honest with one another. lol

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