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Bobby Green getting screwed.


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This is a topic I've been discussing elsewhere on the internet and I've noticed almost all of the viewers believe they know the sport better than the fighter. Bobby Green is very angry with Paul Felder, and if I'm Bobby Green, I'm also pretty pissed off with Paul Felder, although the rest of the internet doesn't seem to agree. 

So what say you? Did you see the head clash in the Gordon fight and immediately think "That's illegal!", Or did it slide by you like it slid by the ref?

The way I see it, this situation takes a deeper understanding of the sport and the location the fight was taking place at. The Apex is a very quiet facility. Most of those events have well under fifty people in the arena total. A lot of times, those people know the fighters personally. They tend to be more respectful and don't cheer finishes as much. If you listen to the broadcast when Gordon gets stopped, it is only Paul Felder that is audible. Paul Felder is screaming how it sucks that Gordon lost from a clash of heads (he got finished by Bobby's hands and was defending when he fell down). 

Now if this was happening in Vegas with a crowd, the commission cannot hear him. It wouldn't even matter. In the Apex, you can hear everything. You can especially hear when a commentator is screaming about something. Felder was obviously doing his best to get people's attention, and I think people are missing that part. Felder also just so happened to live with Jared Gordon at one point. They are close friends. That's what doesn't sit well with me. If he protested every time somebody got knocked into a position of disadvantage from a headbutt, maybe I'd think he was impartial. But he doesn't. He only lost it because his friend was about to get another loss rung up on his record.

Watching it live, I said Bobby should go smack Paul Felder. Then Bobby comes out and says he will not be talking to Paul Felder, just wants to smack him up. Seems like Bobby sees things the way I do.

What say you, internet people? Is Bobby an idiot who knocked someone out cold with his head and needs to shut up? What do you got?

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37 minutes ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

Yeah, Felder's meant to be commentating on what happened, not screaming that it sucks and telling the refs what to do.

especially in the Apex where theres no audience, man was shouting, fkn ginger whinger!

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Late to this.

Both of them can and are in the wrong.

Green is just a ****.

Felder should know better.  He should be punished, but won't.

They should move commentary team away from cageside, but they won't

In this one particular case imo Green > Felder

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On 4/27/2023 at 8:17 PM, OzPride said:

Feldor would beat the black out of Booby King



Also I agree with op 

Lol no he wouldn't 

Felder has been shelfed for years. Bobby slaps him on sight 

Agree with OP. Said it was dumb when it happened in the fight night thread. If Felder can't control his emotions, and clear biases, then he should walk away during fights his roommate is fighting in

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