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This is another hot chick thread.  BUT this one is different than the others.  Here’s why.  

“ Eligible chicks can’t be models, actresses, athletes, or musicians.  Also, all entries must be polarizing in some way; they need to have as many critics as they have fans (or more.)

Submissions must be in pairs in order to qualify. Eligible entries are submitted in a “hot chick vs other hot chick.” format”

So basically any other person in the news.  Politicians, criminals, heroes and villains go head-to-head in a showdown that might almost be considered great, but for the unfortunate reality that it is simply not.  

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Theoretically, this thread could be amusing. But I suspect I only created it so that I could announce to the world that I think Lauren Boebert is a real cutie.  

I don’t talk about politics, but I will read news articles and read the comments.  I’ve never heard anyone mention Ms. Bobert’s appearance, so I can’t be sure if this is a universally shared opinion.

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