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Vaseline, BJ, GSP and Phil Nurse


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I am soooo sick of hearing about this. I have watched the video and yes Phil Nurse was warned and GSP was wiped down with a towel before the round began. I believe GSP when he said the rubbing of the back and chest were breathing techquines that Phil helps him in between rounds. But lets face the facts, BJ could not have won that fight ethier way. He got his **** handed to him and he quit if my memory of the fight is correct. What happen to the BJ that said he was ready to die in the ring if nessary. I don't think Phil or GSP should in any way be effected by this. I have always liked BJ and think his talent is beyond measure but this fight has left a bad taste in my mouth. I actually thought he had a chance if he played it smart and would have used his jab effectively, but after the fight it looks to me that since there first fight GSP has reached a new level and BJ was out skilled at every level of the game. So anyway BJ needs to hush and worry about Kenny F. GSP has his hands full with Thiago Alves and there is no need for a rematch. It never was close.

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