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what UFC 100 "could have been"


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of course this would never happen... as the UFC wouldnt have any title fight events for at least 3 shows before and after this event. but it would be cool for every title to be up for grabs on one night




1 Griffin vs Bonner 3(guaranteed to start things off with a bang)


2 Shamrock vs Shamrock (brother vs brother, who wouldnt want to see that?)


3 Hughes vs Serra (is UFC 98 fight)


4 Henderson vs Bisping ( T.U.F. coaches match, already UFC 100 fight)


5 Penn vs Florian Lightweight title (probably going to happen later this summer anyway)


6 St. Pierre vs Alves Welterweight title (already a UFC 100 fight)


7 Silva vs Leites Middleweight title (UFC 97 fight)


8 Evans vs Machida Light Heavyweight title (UFC 98 fight)



9 Emelianenko vs Couture in a fight for a contract match (if Fedor wins, he gets into the UFC and a title shot at Lesnar/Mir, if he loses... Dana White was right, and Fedor loses his mythical status and never comes back to the UFC but if Randy wins, he gets a title shot at Mir/Lesnar and would forever be the man who defeated Fedor.


10 main event: Mir vs Lesnar Heavyweight title (already a possible UFC 100 fight)


and yes these are the title fights that are going to happen anyways, why not stack one card? UFC 100 would be amazing if this happened.

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