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K1's end result


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Yeah, I would've done the same thing...


I thought he was rocked.

But another fight that was cool too was Peter vs Errol, I thought the 4th round could've had another extension round but in the end Peter was way agressive I guess.

Though the worse one IMO was again Semmy's against this other Dutch guy representing Egypt Hesdy Gerges who couldn't do anything because of Semmy's usual routine.

Jerome's fight was odd too, I expected a win from his side since he was doing well in the Boxing department and seemed unphased by any of the kicks delivered by Ewerton.

Maeda also came with a bang after punching his way out of Manhoef's grasp but then he went and used a rope-a-dope kind of tactic against Gokhan, which was an incredible move!

It got him the win and people other than myself were amazed at how he could've pull it through while Gokhan who's trained by the best didn't see himself losing.

But before that Gokhan did reall fight a tough fight against Spong who seemed pretty tight with his defense and had a lot of low kicks well placed.

And Junichi vs Feitosa... Well Junichi just got in the line of fire one too many times.

And Remy vs Alistair, Alistair really was a powerhouse and you could tell that Remy had difficulty getting in his line of fire and decided to win by decision but it wasn't good.


The other Japanese fights with Mitsugu noda and so forth weren't something to cheer too much about though but if you're a kickboxing fan, it'll do.


Well that's my opinion just felt like giving my full opinion on it, I think that May's also going to be pretty sweet with Badr against Semmy and since I hate them both, it's a win win situation :cool:

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I should be more patriotic as a dutch guy but Manhoef showed not much of a chin, and I wasnt too bothered about it really. Maybe thats the reason he always goes for the quick kill, cause he knows 1 good punch will deck him. I hope more people now are not regarding him as UFC material, I dont think he really is. He has a great record, but no ground game.


And also sorry to say, Spong added over 10 kilo's (I think thats over 20 lbs) of muscle in a year and goes heavyweight in Japan, suspect...


Bonjasky said he busted his meniscus beforehand and thats why it was a lousy fight from his side against Overeem, but he couldnt let K1 down. Overeem accused Bonjasky of (over)acting the injuries from Hari at world grand prix and handed him an oscar replica pre fight press conference, Bonjasky in turn tells Overeem to lay off the juice as hes adding muscle every day, all in all a bit sad goings on between the two of them.


The Saki - Spong fight was a good one. One of the few.

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