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Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu USA trials


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Abu Dhabi is awesome' date=' I'm learning my BJJ there currently, well set up, not seen the tournaments though, they have a ramadan (islamic holy month) tournament every year, looking to go down and have a watch, maybe post some on youtube?[/quote']


if you do, and your camera is pretty still, I will watch. Just post the URL on here.

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The USA trials had JEremy May from TUF competing. He did realy well, finished most of his fights with submissions!


Check out video below.

More of his fights and more on the full DVD.

Also comes with BJJ instructional DVD featuring ATT instructor Renato Tavares and 4th degree black belt BJJ - Helio Soneca!


Video of Jeremy May below.


Buy DVD at http://www.cagefilm.com in the s**p area.



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