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MMA Action Cards


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I appreciate the feedback. It's really not that complicated, I think the problem are my skills explaining. I'll work on explaining it better. As far at the gay thing, guess I can't do too much about that. It just a game to play while sitting around, it's kind of a fun card game. Like the game Speed but based around MMA.

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i clicked on the link and watched the vid. i didnt read the instructions or anything, i honestly thought the vid was going to go over the game. however, the video doesnt have sound and i ended up being the most confused i think i have ever been lol.


all in all it is an interesting idea and i think it would spark interest in kids 12-16 that like mma, along with say Pokemon, Magic or Yugioh.


however, i also agree with what Heavy said. i think the times are changing and people want more things online.


(ex: that newer card game that is electronic and when u place the card on the mat plugged into ur tv it comes to life on the tv. not sure on the name of the card game.)


( i also heard about other card games releasing actual VIDEO games, BUT u have to enter the serial number on the card. i believe the game was called Yugioh and they are making it to where u can set up the deck u built with the cards u bought and play with it personally online. really neat stuff)


i dont really play card games outside of deck cards, but just trying to throw some possible ideas to look out for and possibly try for urself.


on a side note, i love how u have gone out of ur way to create something like this to try and spark more interest in the sport.


keep it up!!!

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What's up everyone. I wanted to get your thoughts on an MMA Card Game that I created. I enjoy playing it but not sure if eveyone would think it's lame? Check it out http://www.mmaactioncards.com




MMA is so stupid and fake! i dont know why people like it!!! I dont agree with this CARD GAME non-sence!



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