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Trying to find an old UFC ad - help!


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Hey, guys, I'm looking for this old UFC TV ad. I can't search Youtube since it's blocked where I am (China) and just searching for it in Google has not helped. I'm trying to find this ad to cite it in my huge paper on the globalization of martial arts; the point that I'm making in this section is that MMA fulfills different needs in people than traditional kung fu-based styles.


Some of you might remember this ad: the filming was from the perspective of one of the competitors as the opponent punched and kneed the camera. There was a monologue that was like, "When I step into the octagon, it's not because I [something something something]. It's because I hate you." I'm not quite sure how the rest of it goes, but I know the guy said "It's because I hate you."


Now, what I would appreciate is if someone could find that ad on Youtube or something (since I'm sure it's there) and just write out the monologue in it as well as posting the link to the clip. And, if the information is available, what year it was aired. That would be really helpful to me. Thanks a lot, guys!

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