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Bully Beatdown might be fake


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Well, I'm not "pissed" cause the quality and standards of television nowadays, MTV especially, is so lame and annoying THAT pisses me off, nothing worth watching, its the same old crap recycled. So I'm kind of used to the low level of pilots or plots these people come up with, and I thought the show itself was kind of lame, I don't watch it on a regular basis, saw a couple episodes and wasn't like glued to the tv.


I believe that these stupid pranks, stunts you see on FileCabi.net, College Humor.com, Is what our country has "dumbed" itself to, makes my stomach twist and churn knowing these are our present/future generations, think they can do anything they want with no retaliation towards them consequences. Tv shows like "Bully Beatdown" fall into this category, which is how I will tie it all together and wrap up this off the wall reply to your thread. And sorry for the length. The topic got me started.

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