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Ufc undisputed


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god isit me or does it look the best game in the world im so hyped ive been waiting for this for soooooooooooooooo long and its so close i think imma wet myself


anyway for the ppl who go out and buy it who are you gonna be 1st and who would you fight???


lyoto vs forrist


I'd be Penn and fight GSP. But I'd sit the controler down and go get a beer at the start of the fifth round :).............I'm juz kiddin ya BJ. With me controling ya, you win in 3 like you should've!!!!! And I'll answer before you post........YES I'M BITTER

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I cant wait to play this, but the controls sound like they will take some getting used to with all the differant styles and ground/ stand up games.


I remember HATING the ps1 game (I admit I had no idea what the UFC was, i just liked fighting games), but it looks like they have been putting some majour effort behind this game. I cant wait to have some fight nights of my own.

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