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im cvs**** and I pretty muched started watching UFC since UFC 2, and have enjoyed the transitioned from a sport heavily criticized for its bloodsport spectacle to a well organize regulated sport. Started watching Pride in the year 1999, and my favorite fighter would be wanderlei & Shinya Aoki from pride. bj penn and frank mir from UFC.......I always believed mir would make a comeback to the UFC after his unfortunate motorcycle accident and this might be the year for him to regain his title!!!


i also enjoy watching the DREAM fighting promotion, i love the tournament style elimination. So far the lightweight and middleweight champions have been crowned!!


one dream fight i would love to see is anderson and yushin since anderson has a lost due to DQ and Im sure he wants to correct that mistake..not counting out okami since Im a fan of his as well.... It would also be a delight of mine to watch silva fight Gegard Mousasi as well....


anyways, i'll blabber some more of my dream fights and fav fighters in the forums........HELLO UFC COMMUNITY FORUM

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