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Ello All


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Just saying hello to all.

Maybe doin this a bit backward, since I've read the forums for quite a while, before deciding to join, and posted there first.


But a little about me is studied Tae Kwon Do for 8 or 9 year competing amaturely.

Little over 5 years boxing which lead to me boxing and kick boxing during that period.

Am most proud of being mountaineer and air assault qualified in the US Army, which later lead to me doing the rest of the schooling and finally becoming part of the !st SF group in FT. Lewis Washington.


Joined a local Dojo and continued to compete for the time I was there, and studying judo a little bit with another student there. My regular wieght is around 285 to 290 these days at 6ft 7 ya a HW tho while in the service was no big deal since I had to stay in the 250 to 260 range there for there standards.


All this leading to a love for watching MMA when I first saw it back in 93 when I first saw Royce Gracie win the first UFC, been a loyal fan since.


Currently and for the past 16 years I do ariel construction.

Aways wished The sport back then was what it is now, when I was young enough.

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