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should polls in a thread be related in some manner to the subject of the thread?


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I was jus trying to think of the most irrelevant unrelated thing I could LOL! I assumed you were making fun of that Chuck/Shogun poll thread with this thread. If you wern't' date=' sorry about the post :)[/quote']


yes sir i was in fact making fun of that lol


i knew you had some humorous intention

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well potato chips are a broad answer. theres cheetos' date=' doritos, lays, pringles, ruffles has ridges, and i just seen flaming hot funions... there is no way not to pick potato chips.[/quote']


well doritos are corn chips.....cheetos are,,,,, idk wtf cheetos are


funions are like styrofoam onions or some sh@$


but yeah potato chips>mir>brock

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