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Hey guys


Just letting you know I am writing for a site. Was wondering if you wouldnt mind taking a look at what I wrote about certain episodes of TUF, UFN, and PPVs, and possibly soon predictions. The first one is pretty long, but after that I shortened them up to be easier for readers. I may also do Dream and WEC (when I get the time)


If you guys have anything you would like me to add sometime, or suggestions (not stupid silly statements that make me want to say "phail" 15 times) that are productive, I would be glad to hear them. Just send them to my Inbox on this site and I will more then likely look at some point, since I am on here usually once a day.


Thanks for your time in reading, and I look forward to killing you soon (anyone see the ninja!!! on youtube?):P





P.S. the site is not mine, so any suggestions on that I could give to him.

P.P.S. There is a forum there too if you would like to start posting and working it out

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I just read your cap of the last Fight Night. I'm not surprised that it's great. If I didn't see the fights, I would have an accurate picture of what happened based on your writing. I'll read some more in the near future and I'll check back and read your future stuff.

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