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Thoughts on Hughes vs. Serra fight


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Couldn't find any other threads on this. But anyway. I'm one of the few who actually like matt hughes, problem is I really like matt Serra too. Serra just seems like such a cool guy. Someone you'd wanna invite to your barbecues for ribs and beer. I also really respect the work ethic of hughes. I think in his prime he was probably if not the one of the pound for pound strongest fighters in the ufc, cardio wise too. I was very dissapointed in his last few fights. I think he just started losing his fire. UFC was always a side thing for him, and his family and farm were very important (as they should be). That probably just finally took it's toll. The caliber of fighters in the ufc I think gets better every year too. Any way if he can give himself months of the old hughes training i think that he will beet serra, esspecially because of the size advantage. But if he shows up to fight like he did in his last fights and Serra worked his **** off than I imagine Serra will probably win.

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