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Hello, all. My name is Shawn and I am new here and to MMA. I am a former boxer and love boxing and recently started my own company with http://www.officialscorecard.com and it is going well. On our site we do "Interactive Live Scoring by the Fans" and they post round by round who is winning. It's the only website like it. The members on our board suggested that we should post MMA fights for the MMA fans to score just like they do in boxing. We have done that. WE are hoping to gain some friends here that love MMA and want to have an opinion themselves and post who they think is winning.


Not only do you have your own personal scorecard, but you also see "the overall fans" scorecard as well. Come check us out and we will be on here as well seeing whose hot and whose not in the MMA Arena.


Thanks, Shawn

President and Founder of Officialscorecard.com

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